Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My resistance tube results

I've been using the Gold Gym's resistance tubes for about two months now.

The results are very satisfying for me. I just put in the DVD video that came with the equipment and do the routine. It takes about a half hour to complete. I always work up a sweat but the routine is just enough, not too much or too little. You increase the resistance by adding extra tubes. Normally I use the black (intermediate) tube but I will add the red tube for certain exercises and I use all three tubes for the abdomen exercises and leg stretches.

I have been doing this every other day but I am now pushing it up to 4-5 times a week.

Long Series Resistance Tube Kit, Included DVD Workout ~Gold's Gym
Long Resistance Tube ~Athletic Works

Monday, November 2, 2009

About resistance tubes

The main advantage of resistance tubes is that you can carry them wherever you travel. Thus, you have what you need to do some serious resistance exercizes.

All variables considered, I believe that resistance bands are the best workout equipment you can purchase. Resistance bands are cost efficient, convenient, and very versatile when it comes to exercise. They are fantastic for training strength, cardio, and flexibility.

Multiple bands can be transported easily to accommodate you on trips or when you are away from home. Bands are available in various tensions, from two pounds to two hundred pounds. They are safe for beginners and effective for even the most elite athletes like Terrell Owens of the Dallas Cowboys.

The risk of injury is greatly diminished while using resistance bands compared to free weights because bands do not use gravity that can cause heavy weight to fall on body parts. You can also feel free to work out alone because no spotter is necessary while using resistance bands.

Overcoming gravity can actually affect the efficiency of the exercise when using free weights because of momentum and the angle of the lift. For example, during the bicep curl using free weights, there is no resistance near the completion of the curl because the biceps no longer have to fight against gravity.

Resistance bands offer and ensure resistance through the entire range of motion because they do not rely on gravity. Using bands, you can enjoy an assisted stretch of the muscle in one direction, and then a constant resistance through the full range of motion of the same muscle.

Stabilizer and core muscles must be constantly engaged to produce a smooth motion during the movements which will promote strong abs and prevent lower back problems. Also, bands offer resistance from any direction or angle, which can lead to increased leverage on your golf swing, baseball swing, or bowling release. These angles are very difficult to train using free weights.

Strength, flexibility, speed, and cardiovascular fitness are all areas of health that can be trained through the proper use of resistance bands. You can focus your attention on strength simply by using greater resistance and less reps (6-10 reps). You can improve your flexibility through assisted stretching exercises using the bands. Cardiovascular endurance can be the focus of the workout by decreasing the resistance while increasing the reps (15-30 reps).

Resistance bands allow for variable resistance simply by stepping further away from the anchor point or using a thicker band. This factor allows for quick transitions between different exercises which can be quite useful when performing a circuit workout.

Circuit workouts involve a group of different exercises performed one after another with minimal rest between sets. This type of workout is great for beginners because they target all areas of the body and use far less than maximal weights.

Additionally, circuit training is excellent in promoting cardiovascular health because your heart rate is elevated for the entire training session. Circuit training is a double edged sword because it simultaneously burns fat and adds lean muscle.

Athletes can thoroughly benefit from resistance bands during the season when work volume is very demanding due to practices and games. A quality resistance workout can be utilized while minimizing any unwanted stress on joints.

Why waste time in the gym when you can gain all these benefits in the comfort of your own home or hotel room? By the way, you can pick up a set of three different resistance bands at Wal-Mart for only 10-15 dollars.

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